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We have stepped back into the mists of history. Thousands of years before the Nentir Vale setting of standard DnD 4e. The crumbling ruins and forgotten dungeons of that age still stand as soaring cities and proud keeps. The world is divided by three major powers: the human ruled empire of Bael Turath, the dragonborn lands of Arkhosia, and the nameless realms controlled by a vicious hobgoblin regime.

These great worldly powers stand constantly on the cusp of war. Border disputes are frequent, and more often than not turn violent. The ruling elite of each nation constantly seek any edge they can gain over their neighbors. There is whispered talk of dangerous magical experimentation on all sides.

In the middle of this uncertain landscape lies the disputed border town of Cadia. Into this town comes a group of adventurers seeking their place in these historic events. Amidst dark rumors and the looming threat of war this story begins.


The Augur

Bael Turath


The Conclave

hobgoblin regime

Olokas Stormtooth

Thowald’s Crossing

Main Page

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